Saturday, June 18, 2011

This thing called Summer Vacation

This is our first summer as parents of a school child who is out of school.  The transition is rather jarring. Suddenly every day feels like Saturday.

Wednesday was the last day of school.  Thursday morning Kate went to a birthday party for a boy from her class.  As we were leaving, one of the moms said, "This totally doesn't feel like a Thursday."  It didn't.  Friday we went down to Titlow Beach at low tide (12:42), hunted little scuttling crabs and threw rocks in the water.  Later, back home, I had the thought pop into my head, "Oh yeah, tomorrow's not Sunday!"  One more Saturday to go.   Today Kate and I went and saw "Captain Jack Presents 'Bugs of the World'" at the library.  That was pretty cool--we got to hold a giant cockroach from Madagascar, a wood scorpion (which is not a scorpion) from Tanzania, and a violin mantis from India.

Kate was always pretty good at self-entertaining before.  Coming out of school, though, she's used to more structure and busy-ness.  I guess we'll be looking for lots of fun things to do.

We got some video down at Titlow Beach.  Andy got bored with throwing rocks and moved on to throwing seaweed.  This was just as messy as it sounds.  He had to have a bath before his nap. 

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Heather T. said...

Too cute!! =)