Monday, June 28, 2010

Andy at 18 months

I managed to park Andy in this chair long enough to get a few pictures. This is not easy. He's so busy. He's also fascinated by the camera and always wants to push the buttons on the back.

The phone, and anything that looks like the phone, are also items of great interest. He'll hold the TV remote up to his ear and say "Hi." So cute.

Favorite activities at this age include:

Trying to get into Kate's markers and draw on things
Trying to get outside and run into the parking lot
Trying to type on the computer keyboard
Trying to play Daddy's hurdy-gurdy
Redistributing shoes to various locations around the house
Bending book covers backwards
Eating frozen blueberries
Climbing on Daddy
Playing peekaboo under blankets
Pulling things off tables and desks
Flipping light switches
Pushing buttons on the TV
Being upside-down

Andy's old enough to go in the nursery at church now. Not coincidentally, I was just called as the assistant nursery leader, so we'll be going to nursery together.


Becky said...

Wow, he's getting so big. I love his smile!

Heather T. said...

Oh, what a gorgeous set of photos. I love that last one--such shining eyes!

TMTCO said...

He has such a beautiful smile! What a handsome young man he is!

Helen in Australia said...

Aaawwww. So gorgeous. :-)

Jake and Jenny said...

What a cutie! That is such a fun and busy age!