Sunday, October 05, 2008

Conference Weekend

Twice a year, on the first Saturday and Sunday of April and October, we get to watch the General Conference broadcasts from Salt Lake. I really enjoyed listening to the talks this time. There was a lot about faith, hope, and enduring hard times.

I try to have something planned to work on while listening (something non-commercial for Sunday). Usually I'll come up with some kind of crocheting project. This time I've been painting. (It's going pretty well, but I'm not going to post a picture yet because it's a surprise.) Doug pulled out some leather scraps and made a sheath for his leather shears, and then dyed it blue. This is what our kitchen table looked like today:

The two-hour sessions start at 10:00 and 2:00 Utah time, which puts them at 9:00 and 1:00 here. (I ended up showering between sessions both times. Lazy days.) When we were in Newfoundland the sessions were at 1:30 and 5:30, and we had to go to the church to watch them. The members from the Bay Roberts branch (which is an hour or more away, I think) would come to St. John's to watch the broadcast, so on Sunday we would all have a potluck meal between sessions. And then, after stuffing ourselves, go back into the darkened chapel to watch Conference... yeah, I'll admit I didn't always stay awake. It's so nice to be able to watch it online at home.


Kathey said...

We really enjoyed conference too. Part of the time we watched it here and part of the time we made the long trek to the church to watch it on the big screen. ^o^

Isn't technology wonderful?

I'm excited to see your painting.

Horn Family said...

That is a really great idea. I think I will do that next time. Find a project to do while I listen. This time I was actually able to take notes! We too stayed at home and the boys and I all sat around our computer and watched it! They did a good job! I was surprised. It is amazing what a little bit of popcorn will do. Hahaha You guys are great!!! : )

binders said...

Is it bad that I wish we had tv church once a month? I just love being able to listen to Conference while making dinner etc.

I also spent some of the time during the session drawing. Of course for YOU that means fine art and for me landscape plans that I try to make look artistic. Can't wait to see your creation.

JB and Company said...

Mark moved one of the loveseats from our living room to the "school room" so that it was in front of the computer. The kidlets took turns snuggling with mommy and daddy while we watched.

I must say after listening to way too much political talk radio, confrence was just what I needed to calm my frayed nerves. (It doesn't help that we are trying to sell our house during this whole economic mess.) I'm very curious to listen to Glenn Beck to day and see how confrence effected him. (Or is it affected?)

Dean and Ida said...

i am so glad for technology. i love being able to be at home and not stress about the baby screaming and disturbing others and just lounging around while i listen. Sometimes i try to dress up for at least one session to put myself in the mood. This time it was Saturday. It was great and i really enjoyed it too!

Lara said...

I loved the hopeful messages this time around. I needed to hear so much of it!

I'm excited to see what you were working on while listening!

aaron&marianne said...

cool that he can fashion his own leather sheath...and then dye it- i'm telling he'll have to teach him at scouts...that is just cool.