Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bumps and Bruises

I have no idea what this child did to her nose. We've been playing outside a lot, but she never came running to me wailing "I hurt my nose!" and asking me to kiss it better. Our best guess is that she scraped it on a branch. She didn't even know anything had happened till I held her up to look at herself in the mirror. Then she stared and asked, "Why there's something on my nose?" (Somebody at church thought it was chocolate.) It does seem to be healing nicely.

I've been busy putting together a little book of the kids in our complex. Our neighbor Oleg is moving soon, so I was rushing to get it done. I finished it up yesterday. (Hooray!) Viovio prints mini books in multiple copies, so I'm getting one for each of the kids. I expect I won't be posting pictures, unless I get permission from all the parents, but I think it turned out well. (Now hopefully they'll get here before Oleg leaves!)


Anonymous said...

Too bad about her nose, and it's right in the spot where everyone sees it! Still a cutie pie. And great idea about the minibooks. Thanks for the link. Please let us know how the quality turns out.

The Gollihurs said...

Poor little nose! It's nice to see you guys have a blog!! :)

Karen Ahlstrom said...

Elizabeth scratched her nose last week too. You can see it in the July pictures I posted here. I think that she did it by rubbing her eyes when she was tired -- I put off cutting her fingernails for too long evidently.

It's funny how things happen at the same time. Luckily, kids heal quickly.

Freer Family said...

Even with a scratched up nose she is still as cute as a button!