Saturday, June 14, 2008

Eight about Kate

Kate got tagged by the Calls a while back, and I hadn't gotten around to doing it yet. So, here are eight things about Kate!

1. Kate's name is Katherine Elizabeth. That's Katherine after my mom (who goes by Kathey) and Elizabeth after my sister (who goes by Betsey). We do call her Katie sometimes.

2. Kate is the first grandchild on my side of the family and the fifteenth on Doug's side. She now has two younger cousins and one on the way.

3. Kate is very interested in animals, but toy animals always win over real ones, which we think is kind of funny. She'll play with a new animal toy for hours. She likes to line them up and talk to them. Lately she's been developing more narrative play, and wants us to join in. She'll hand me an animal and say "Can you talk to him?" (meaning talk for him), and then we'll make up a story.

4. One of Kate's very favorite things in the whole world is the miso soup at I Love Bento. We get it with extra tofu for her. She just gobbles it up.

5. She's been really good lately about things like getting her hair washed and her teeth brushed, and her nails trimmed. I appreciate that.

6. When Kate hears the other kids in the complex playing outside, she always wants to go out and play with them. Even if she can't really participate in what they're doing, she just likes being with them. They are good, sweet kids and don't mind having her around.

7. Kate cracks me up sometimes. Once we were walking between two buildings, and, observing the acoustics, I asked her, "Hear the echo?" Kate said, "A echo is a kind of lizard!" and I said, "No dear, that's a gecko." Ha.

8. Kate loves to sing. She's started making things up and adding her own words. It's so cute to listen to. She especially likes songs that have motions.

We sure love our little girl!


Kathey said...

Little ones sure enhance your life don't they? I'm so glad you have her, and that your other little one is coming.

I LOVE "A echo is a kind of lizard!" How very, very fun

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

She sure is a cutie!

Laura Call said...

The echo/gecko story made me chuckle... so funny and so smart! Thanks for playing along, this was fun to read. Kate is growing so fast. I can still picture her as a baby when you guys first had her and now she's a young little lady. Anyway, I think Kate sounds adorable, fun, smart, creative, and sweet... not to mention, she's a very beautiful little girl.