Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Aunt Betsey (the Amazing Cricket-Woman!)

We took Betsey to the airport this morning to go back to Ohio. She was here for just over two weeks. We had a good visit, went to some fun places, and ate. A lot. We pretty much covered all our restaurants--we did I Love Bento (nominally Japanese, though we mostly go there for the Korean side dishes), the Indian lunch buffet, Vietnamese, Mexican, and we went down to Lakewood for Korean food twice. We ate well. Ahhhh. (And Kate had all the rice she wanted, in several different varieties. Good thing she likes rice.)

Betsey's talents are many and varied. Among them is the uncanny ability to whistle like a cricket. I got her to do it for me this morning while we were getting ready to go--click here to listen. Years ago, when the family was congregated at BYU for somebody's graduation, I remember being at Betsey's apartment when a couple of her friends stopped by. I asked them if they had ever heard Betsey's cricket impression. Betsey was willing to demonstrate but had a little trouble because she was feeling self-conscious and she can't do it when she's laughing. So I said, "Okay, nobody look at Betsey!" Everyone averted their eyes, and moments later we heard the chirp chirp... chirp chirp... One of the guys said, "Wow, how'd you do that?" and Betsey grinned and said, "I rubbed my legs together."

I'm not sure if Kate had any idea who Betsey was or why she was in our house, but I think she enjoyed having her around. One day they were looking at Kate's little counting book, which has eight beetles on one page, and Betsey was telling her what kind of beetles they were. Then when Doug came up she said, "Show Daddy what you learned! Where's the scarab? Where's the weevil? Where's the buprestid?" She's full of interesting information about animals, especially insects.

This cute little dress is one that Betsey wore when she was little. It's getting too small for Kate, so I sent it back with her, but I wanted to get some pictures of them together first. (The Newfoundland flag has nothing to do with anything--Kate just wanted to play with it.)

Thanks for coming to stay with us, Betsey! We had a fun time!

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MarilynH said...

she has grown so much!! And she is as beautiful as ever. (Amelia has those same sandals hee hee)