Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The book of Glorie Jean

Our friend Rebecca has this cute little dog named Glorie Jean that she just loves. I've taken a lot of pictures of Glorie Jean over the past couple of years, so I had this idea to make a little book for her birthday (Rebecca's birthday, that is, not Glorie Jean's birthday. I don't know when Glorie Jean's birthday is). Her birthday was back in March and it took me a while to get the book put together, but I finally finished it. I had it printed at sharedink.com. The finished book came in the mail on Friday, and I took a couple of pictures of it before we took it over to Rebecca's house. The printing and binding both seem really nice.

Here are all the spreads from the book--the way they looked on my computer, before going to the printer. The finished pages had a little trimmed off around the edges. You have to plan for that.

Rebecca loved her book!


Theresa Hernandez said...

What an awesome idea and what a cool gift! I'm sure she loved it. Gloria Jean looks a bit like a grown up Mocha. I'm guessing she's a Shih Tzu?

Chris said...

Wow, what a gorgeous little book! Your layouts are amazing, and it looks like the colors and paper quality are first rate. Very cool.