Wednesday, February 28, 2007

36 years (oink!)

My birthday came in the midst of chaos. We're surrounded by boxes, and certainly not settled, whatever that means, but we took the time to go out to lunch at our favorite Indian buffet. (And then came home and took a nap!)

I was born in the Year of the Pig, which has rolled around again. Next time the Year of the Pig comes, I'll be 48. And the time after that I'll be 60. In addition to the twelve animals, the Chinese zodiac also cycles through the five elements (the year I was born was the metal pig--this year is the fire pig), so it takes 60 years to get through the whole cycle.

Here's the "Year of the Pig" kit that I finished up in time for the Lunar New Year. (That's what my cute little papercut piggy was for.) It's been fun to see what people do with it. I wanted to share a couple of links:

Marci's "Only in Vegas" (I really like the way she cut the flowers out of the paper and layered the other stuff on them.)

Kat's "One Month (Very cool strong graphic design!)


Julie K in Taiwan said...

Helena, your pack looks so lovely, makes me wish I did digi layouts.

Your post confused me because all the references here I've heard is that this is the year of the golden pig (metal pig) Yet, most of the links I clicked on from google said, fire. I only found this one referring to golden, but it wasn't very helpful...

Feeling muddled!

Mimi said...

Fascinating. I was born in the year of the rat, but I have no idea what the element is.

Hey, did you see the Tribune Article on your birthday about the Korean exhibit?

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Did some research, it is indeed the year of the fire pig (when in doubt, trust Helena!) but as gold/metal is so, um, appreciated, here, they call it the year of the golden pig. Almost everyone I asked thought it was the year of the golden pig, then someone explained it to me.