Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So sumi

Yes, I've gone off the deep end--I'm in love with a brush stroke. I got Corel Painter IX.5 a few days ago. So far I've just been watching the training videos and playing with it just a little, but I'm impressed by how much is there. This is a sumi brush--done with a mouse, even, not the tablet. That's one well-programed brush. It's really amazing that they can figure out how the brushes and media interact, convert it all to numbers, and recreate it with the computer. I am going to have such fun with this program.


Jill said...

Looks neat! I've been meaning to take a look at those.

Theresa Hernandez said...

Ohhh, how cool! You know, I have Corel Painter and I opened it up, played with it once, and that was it. Maybe I should take another look. Awesome, Helena!

Mrs. Miles said...

Hello Helena!

Congrats on getting Painter - My husband bought it for me for last Christmas. I love working with it, and a wacom tablet. I have a laptop, and I belong to a local painter's group and I tote my 'puter with me everywhere. I also LOVE art rage - have you tried that too? The oils are just dreamy there - for a free program its incredible. I also have the paid version (wow, what a whole 20 bucks) that supports layers etc. I hope you will find time to slip over to my blog and see some of the sweet hand painted elements I've been creating this winter for free download. I also have previous paintings featured. Please ask me if you ever have questions... I'm no expert but have some good solid experience and love to share! :) My husband and I have an epson 7800 printer which can print to canvas or fine art paper 24 inches wide and 40 ft long... so I have a LOT of fun.. I often digitally paint, print to canvas then go in with 'real' acrylics for some height!

Barb (Mrs. Miles)

oh, and some of my digital paintings are on our personal website (sorely in need of a revamp over the holidays)