Sunday, November 19, 2006

A room of one's own

After we've been in this apartment for a whole year, we are finally getting Kate's room set up for her. We got her a mattress (at the store, she was rolling around on the mattresses yelling, "Lie down! Lie down!") and we got these shelves at Target. She was in her highchair finishing up dinner while I was putting all her toys on the shelves, and when she came in and saw it her whole face just lit up.

Kate loves lining up her toys and putting them into things (and making her animals walk along windowsills and such), so she's been having fun with her shelves. As she was investigating her shelves I got the camera to take these pictures of her, and when she heard the camera she turned around and gave me a big grin like she was posing for me (which she never does), and said, "That fun!" The shelves are a big hit. Of course, they don't look like this anymore. Putting things away will be a long-term lesson, I'm sure.


Susan said...

Oh my gosh - how scary to gt your car stolen - and how adorable is your baby girl!!!!!!

mom said...

Kate looks SO happy. She is sure growing up. Having the shelves divided into sections like that is SO practical.

Love, Mom