Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back to school

Doug started classes yesterday. He's teaching four classes this quarter, so he'll be busy. It always takes a while to adjust to the new schedule and figure out meals and showers and things. The hardest part this time is that Doug needs the good car for several hours in the middle of the day, which makes it tough to get anything done.

I picked up a chunk of brie for a dollar the other day (why it was only a dollar, I don't know) and yesterday I gave Kate some, spread on Triscuits. A bit later Kate came up and said, "More cheese?" and handed me a soggy cracker with all the cheese sucked off. Kate likes Triscuits. Apparently she likes brie even more.

I made a sudoku tutorial and posted it on Two Peas. I had made the graphics quite a while ago, so when I went to write up the explanation last night, it took me a while to remember what I had done on some of the steps. I wasn't sure if it would all make sense, but a few people said they were able to solve a puzzle for the first time after reading my explanation, so I guess it worked!


Amy Sorensen said...

mmmmmmm...I'm with Kate, brie is delicious! I hope Doug's classes go well; those first two weeks or so are a hard adjustment!

Peter Ahlstrom said...

Helena, did you see this yet? http://homepages.tesco.net/~janefisk/discworld/discworld.htm

MarilynH said...

Helena--Amelia does the same thing with cheese and crackers LOL