Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Digital Chopsticks

Here's what I've been working on lately! We had these super cute pictures of Kate playing with chopsticks at I Love Bento, our local Japanese place run by Koreans, so I made this set with the word for "chopsticks" in different languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese). I took of a picture of a real set of chopsticks from I Love Bento and extracted them, then made one version uncrossed with no shadows, and one version crossed with realistic shadows that I made myself. The shadows were fun. I ended up taking the chopsticks outside and crossing them the way I wanted, and taking a picture so I could look at the way the shadows fell.

Here's the layout I made with the pictures of Kate. Isn't she funny? She was about fifteen months old there. Maybe she'll catch on to chopsticks early. I remember first trying them when I was about six.

I made two red chop-style stamps for the chopsticks set, and they were so cool that I ended up getting sidetracked and made a bunch more. It was fun to work on something quick. I got each set put together and uploaded to the store in a day. (And these are small enough that I was able to upload them from home without any trouble from our Comcast connection--hooray!)

Oh yeah--here's a link in case anybody wants it!


a fan said...

Great job Helena! I love how you always use beautiful fonts for both the English and Korean/Japanese/Chinese characters. If there's one thing that drives me bonkers, it is "ugly" han-zi.

Ronald Walsh Jr said...

I was wondering how I could get a copy or recieve some of your work. I am from st. John's but I am in active right now.