Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Brother, can you spare a bird?

I have a new project which involves drawing animals (and other things). I did this little guy yesterday. I've been teaching Kate to say "chickadee-dee-dee!" She's got the "dee-dee-dee" part down pretty well. And when we were outside the other day we saw a real chickadee, so she got to make the connection.

I had this idea just a little while ago and immediately started searching for photos on pbase and contacting people to ask if I could use their pictures. It's been a real pleasure to converse with these talented, generous people who share a love of nature and the visual image, and I've been thrilled by responses from people like Tom Robbins and Greg Lavaty, who said I could use any of their photos that I want (as long as I credit them and let them know which ones I use). They have so many wonderful, gorgeous pictures. It's seriously like being a kid in a candy store. (Check them out! The chickadee is Tom's.)

I posted this on Two Peas not long ago:

Five reasons why digital designing is better than drawing pencil portraits
  • I don't have to make sure my hands are completely clean and dry before I start working.
  • I can eat (and drink) while I'm doing it.
  • It's not such a big deal if my daughter jostles my elbow in the middle of something.
  • I don't have to worry about the post office losing or damaging my designs.
  • Two words: undo button!
So now I'm designing and drawing. This should be a bit less stressful than doing portraits, though. At least that's the plan. The chickadee only took me a couple of hours, which is promising. (And we got our scanner hooked back up, finally! Yay! It's been in a box since the move.)

Things have been going well at ndisb--over 200 people have downloaded my firefly sample tag, and about 30 have actually bought the kit. Off to a good start!


Amy Sorensen said...

Helena, congrats on your NDISB gig...that is SO thrilling! I'm sure you'll do great. And I'm LOLing at your five reasons for going digital. Too funny!

Francine said...

You are so talented! Loves that drawing!
(a pea)

Francine said...

Dude. That's supposed to say *loved*.

I got typing issues ;-)